You’ve tried every diet...

...and meal plan and workout plan out there and you are TIRED of being on the rollercoaster of restrictive dieting, exhausting workouts, feeling tired and hungry (who said carbs were bad anyways!?), cheating on your diet, skipping workouts, feeling guilty when you look at the scale, and then doing it all over again.

You CRAVE feeling like yourself again, and want to love what you see in the mirror (no matter what number is on the scale).

But who has time for hours in the gym!?

You KNOW you need to take care of yourself, but you don’t have a plan or someone to hold you to it- you need some serious accountability to get in shape.

Join a tribe of women committed to living INTENTIONALLY and making real-life
nutrition (NOT diets) and fitness (at home, outside, or in a gym!) a priority in our
lives, no matter what season of life we are in.

If you are ready to:

+ Make this year your strongest yet

+ Ditch diets for good and have a healthy relationship with food

+ Finally have the accountability and support you need to reach your own goals (not someone else's goals for you)

then you need to join the Belle Tribe.

If you thrive in a group setting, but still want the perks of having your own personal trainer and nutrition coach, come hang out with us! The program is all online which means it can fit into your life and your schedule. Low-key, no fuss or frills and no-pressure -- just real-life accountability along with some serious, life-changing training.

I have loved working with Katie so far! The easy to follow workouts help me to be more consistent because they are simple to fit into my hectic day. Plus they don’t require a ton of equipment so I can do them at home. I also really love how the group training focuses on more aspects than just working out. Mindset and understanding why we do the things we do has really helped.
— Jess B.


So, what does membership include?

+ Access to a private Facebook group - a space for honesty, accountability, motivation, and giving advice/encouragement/ideas/etc., along whatever specific journey you are on with your physical health

+Enrollment in my Precision Nutrition course - daily lessons and habit practices are delivered straight to your inbox for you to read or listen to at your leisure. Check out the video about Precision Nutrition here.

+ A monthly work out plan posted to the facebook group that you can complete at the gym or at home

I know that life is so busy with family, work, and our crazy schedules and working out often gets pushed to the back burner and leaves us feeling defeated. That’s why the workouts I design are:

  • Quick

  • Effective

  • Leave you feeling stronger

But what about food? What diet do I have to do?

I hate diets. They don’t work long term and aren’t enjoyable. The nutrition program included in The Belle Tribe isn’t a restrictive meal plan— in fact there's no meal plan you have to stick to at all! It’s a habit-based guide to help you navigate eating well in REAL life! No dieting, no lists of foods you can and can't eat, carbs aren't the enemy (neither is dessert!) and NO guilt. With the extra support and accountability from me and the other women in the group, you are set up for success. 


Training with me and having the support of the women in our tribe will be the catalyst for your success in weight loss, gaining strength, having more energy, enjoying a healthy pregnancy or any goal in-between or beyond-- because no matter what you want to accomplish, I am here to help you do it.


So here’s how you can invest in your own health and join the Belle Tribe:

Month-to-Month $47
download (1).png
download (2).png

Month-to-Month $39

This package includes my habit-based nutrition program from Precision Nutrition, access to the private Belle Tribe Facebook group, and a monthly workout plan (adaptable to the gym or home!).

3-months $107

Building habits takes time, and in three months you can accomplish so much!! This package includes everything included in the month-to-month package, PLUS: Voxer/text check-ins 1 day/week


6-months $225

 It’s like having a personal trainer on speed dial whenever you need me! In addition to all of the features included in the other packages, this also includes Voxer/text access to me 7 days/week & a personalized workout plan or macro count every month to help you meet your specific goals even quicker!


What I love most about the online program is that it didn’t necessarily tell me what I HAD to do, it provided me with a TON of information that allowed me to learn what works BEST for me. I could fit the program into my lifestyle. The program helped me to clarify my goals and get what I wanted out it. We’re all different and we all have different goals- it is not a cookie cutter program. Online coaching taught me daily habits that I could incorporate into my schedule and life.

Beyond the program, what I loved most was Katie’s support. I can’t even begin to describe how much her support has helped and pushed me through! Not only did I lose weight and inches, but more than that, I learned to love myself and my journey. She helped me to see that I could still enjoy my life and incorporate what I was learning into my every day. When I was feeling lost or off track, she supported me and was always there to ask how she could help. Her encouragement and feedback is what really changed me. Both the program and Katie have helped me make changes for the better and to see that this isn’t some fad diet, it truly is about enhancing and improving my lifestyle. If you’ve never considered online coaching or perhaps on the fence about what it’s all about- I encourage you to contact Katie and have a conversation. She truly cares about the lives of others, especially women, and I will never be able to thank her enough for all that’s given me.
— Jenn K.


I hear it all the time—

“I just want to be able to eat what I want and still feel good about my body. Is that too much to ask!?”

....No - actually you CAN do that. And I can help you find a plan that actually allows you to do that in a way that fits into your life and your schedule.

Here in the Belle Tribe, you’ll have the accountability you need to reach your OWN goals (not goals someone else has for you!), learn expertly designed workouts that can be customized to your preferences, and be a part of a tribe of women committed to living INTENTIONALLY and making real-life nutrition (NOT diets) and fitness (at home, outside, or in a gym!) a priority in our lives, no matter what season of life we are in. You can decide to take control of your strength, self- care and health right now. Will you?

Hey, friend! I’m Katie: your resident certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who believes in hard work, enjoying life, and laughing a lot. Fresh air, vanilla lattes and Chipotle burritos are my jam and when I’m not training clients I am loving on my husband, our babies and our sweet puppy. I’ve earned a lot of specializations as a Certified Personal Trainer in Fitness Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, Group Training, Youth Fitness, Weight Loss, Women's Fitness, and Pre and Post-Natal Fitness, and I won’t stop learning so that I can serve my beautiful clients the best I can!

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