3 Ways to Love Your Body (on Valentine's Day and Beyond)

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! I'm a sappy, sentimental type so I love holidays and Valentine's Day is no different. But no matter your feelings about February 14, in the spirit of love (even the Hallmark kind?)

I'm here to share a short and sweet post with 3 ways that you can love your body. It's the only body you have, friend, so it deserves it!

3 ways to love your body.png

1. You knew I was going to say this...but... EXERCISE! 

Even if it's just a few minutes a day, get your body moving. Why? Endorphins. Energy. Mental clarity. Defined muscles. Endurance. Burning calories. Etc. Just move! It feels good, I promise. Your body and mind will thank me!


Drink water, and drink it often. You may be indulging in a glass of wine (or two!) today to celebrate with your sweetie (or some friends!) but don't forget to drink as much (and more!) water to keep your skin healthy, your energy level up, and your body functioning and processing the way it needs to. Carry around a water bottle with you all day if you have to, but don't forget to drink! 

3. Ditch dieting

Seriously, have you ever felt GOOD on the rollercoaster of guilt + restricting your food + craving something that you "can't have" (insert eyeroll here) + falling off the wagon + guilt + repeat? 

The answer is, probably not.

Who likes feeling guilty about food!? Who likes having a long list of rules about what you can and can't eat? Friends, it's just food. Your life and relationships (and health!) are so much more important than the latest trendy 30 day diet or "eat this not that" fix. Fill your body with real food, avoid processed junk as much as possible, but ENJOY life. If you are intentional about what you're putting into your body, savoring the taste of whatever you choose to eat, and being mindful about stopping when (or before) you are full, then that is enough. That is something you can be proud of! 


So today, on this Valentine's Day, and EVERY day, LOVE the body you have by treating it well. It's the least you can do. :)

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