5-Minute Healthy Habits

What if I told you that focusing on less can help you achieve more? Now I believe that this applies to many areas of life, but let’s focus on exercise & your relationship with food. If you are like most people, there’s something about your exercise routine or eating habits (or lack of either of those!) that you want to improve, change, stop or start. 

It’s not a secret that when you’re successful in something, your confidence goes up. When you’re building confidence, you are more inclined to keep going and even take on more of a challenge. As you take on more, and continued to progress, a snowball effect occurs and soon you’ve reached goals that you thought would take months or years. 

So, when it comes to achieving more (while focusing on less), let’s start with a 5 minute action. Why 5 minutes? It’s not dramatic, it’s not going to zap your mental or physical energy, and it’s not a quick fix that might bring you change momentarily before you spiral to right back where you started. Committing to just 5 minutes sets you up for success and completely minimizes the possibility of failure.

So how do you start?

Here are 5 ways to choose & follow through on a 5-minute action: 

  1. Choose an action that is a no-brainer. Remember, success builds confidence and repeated actions turn into habits! 
  2. Choose one action at a time to work on. Do it every day for a week or two. Master it until it has become a habit. Then move on to a new action, or build on the one you’ve already mastered.
  3. Choose an action that is measurable every day and that you can check off your list (physical or mental) every day. 
  4. Consistency is king— the goal is to do your action 7 days a week. Think of it like brushing your teeth— you wouldn’t skip a day of that (hopefully) so think of this new action in the same way.
  5. As with every part of your fitness journey, expect setbacks, and when they happen, acknowledge them and then let them go. Move on— every day is a fresh start. 

If you’re tired of dieting and quick fixes, want help developing these healthy actions into habits (while staying sane and living your life!) in order to achieve life-long and long-term results, my 12-month habit-based nutrition coaching program may be the perfect program for you. It is expertly designed by Precision Nutrition for people who are ready and willing to put in the work to finally make lasting changes (and who, like me, want to ditch dieting for good). Check out all of the details HERE

Still stuck on what 5-minute action to take? Try one of these:

  • Walk for 5 minutes a day (around your neighborhood, up and down stairs, or even around your house)
  • Chop veggies for 5 minutes every day to have healthy snacks ready and available to grab
  • Fill a water bottle up, drink it, and then re-fill it to carry with you (and drink) throughout your day
  • Stretch, foam roll, or do simple yoga moves to recharge
  • Take 5 minutes in the morning to jot down your goals for the day or do some journaling 
  • Do my 5-minute at home workout routine to get your heart rate up, sweat, and burn some calories (sign up below to get it delivered straight to your inbox!)
  • Reach out to a friend, accountability partner, or your trainer (like me!) to get some fresh motivation, tough love, etc.

No matter what you choose, know that taking even a small step forward is better than no steps at all! You can do it! If you want help choosing (or sticking to) an action, let me know! I’m here to help! 

Don't forget that enrollment is still open for my group training program that includes habit-based nutrition coaching, a monthly workout plan, and group accountability! Sign up HERE and don't forget to download your free 5-minute workout below!


Katie Haney